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If you have found Trust and Beneficiary Advocates because (a) you are concerned that you or a loved one has been unduly influenced with respect to the terms of a Trust, (b) you believe that a Trustee, Personal Representative, or other professional is acting improperly, or (c) you are concerned that someone over the age of 65 has been financially taken advantage of by a friend, family member, or stranger, then you are in the right place!! We represent settlors, trustees and beneficiaries involved in disputes concerning substantial value Trusts and significant Estates.

We understand that these matters are incredibly stressful and burdensome, and may be consuming a lot of your time and energy. Once we begin handling your matter, we will shoulder the burden and the stress for you, so you can go back to living your life while we work to resolve your concerns. If you have been harmed, we will assertively represent you, staunchly advocate for you, and aggressively pursue your rights and remedies.

At Trust and Beneficiary Advocates, we understand how important it is to protect not only your interests and substantial assets, but your loved one’s directives as well. High net worth individuals, and high value Trusts and Estates, are often direct targets of improper conduct by Trustees, siblings, other family members, new spouses, step-parents and/or third parties. Such conduct may include mismanagement or misappropriation of funds, fraud, undue influence, malpractice, and breach of fiduciary duty.

When you suspect financial mismanagement or other improper, incompetent or fraudulent conduct related to a Trust, Estate, Family LLC, or other financial device, prompt legal action may be crucial to stop the misconduct or abuse and to protect your financial interests. Our attorneys have extensive experience resolving these matters, through litigation and/or settlement.


Beneficiaries may contest the validity of the Trust itself on various grounds, or make claims against the Trustee for mismanagement or misappropriation of Trust assets, fraud, and breach of fiduciary duties.

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Estates with substantial assets are susceptible to undue influence, coercion, and lack of capacity by the Testator, or misconduct and breach of fiduciary duties by the Personal Representative.

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Trustees and Personal Representatives are duty bound to act solely in the interest of the Beneficiaries, to disclose all material facts, and to properly manage accounts and other property. Claims may be made directly against the Trustee for harm caused by the failure to comply with these duties.

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Elders may become confused and easily manipulated when it comes to managing their property, personal finances, and estates. Elder financial abuse is a crime committed by Trustees, Personal Representatives, family members, or strangers who take advantage of your loved one’s circumstances.

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